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Once Upon A Time in A Lightsaber Universe Far, Far Away

Every now and again a gadget comes along that captures the imagination of movie fans everywhere and especially Star Wars movie fans. This only happens once in a very blue moon because let’s face facts most of the memorabilia and collectibles you can get online or offline are pretty poor – unless you’re willing to pay a few thousand dollars of course.

So what is this wonderful gadget that every Star Wars fan will want to own and has probably been waiting years for? Well the answer is folks that there can be only one electronic Star Wars gadget that makes that kind of impression on a fan of the George Lucas universe and it’s a Force FX lightsaber. These replicas were originally manufactured by Master Replicas for the first few years of their existence and then in some weird licensing fiasco the “Force FX” brand was passed on to Hasbro. In fact for a while it looked like the Force FX range was going to vanish before many people had a chance to buy one.

There are any number of collectible items that Star Wars fans can accumulate over the years including the classic Kenner figures, Lego Star Wars toys and of course there’s the constant edits of all the movies that you can collect on VHS, DVD or BluRay – after Lucas has released yet another “vision” of what the movies should look like – how often do you need to see that Greedo actually shot first? Still all things taken into account Star Wars is one of those franchises that will live on regardless of how many mistakes George “Toy Boy” Lucas actually makes with his own movies.

Plus at least now fans have a decent lightsaber replica to cherish no matter what mistakes Lucas makes.

Once Upon A Time in A Lightsaber Universe Far, Far Away by
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