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My Surprise Gift To My Wife

            My wife and I have been married for 5 years now and we have 3 kids together. I recently got a bonus pay so decided to gift my wife with something she would appreciate. I looked around on the internet for a lovely gift but nothing seemed impressive, so I checked with my sister as she knows about the internet better. My sister suggested me a few gift websites that actually had a wizard which helps one select the best gift for their loved ones. I found a few different things but went for a diamond ring because I know my wife deserved it. She loves diamonds as she's always been telling me how she wished she got a diamond ring. I did get her one on our wedding, but she wanted a better one that she could put on daily. Apart from this gift for my wife, I also got a couple of items for my kids. My wife got a diamond ring of her choice, my eldest son got a guitar, my other daughter got a beautiful Cinderella dress and my youngest kid got a vtech first steps baby walker. It just feels good when I see my family happy. I look forward to my next bonus pay so I can get a few different things for my family. My wife loved the gifts I got for our kids so much.
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