My Personal Experience Of Going To Jail

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My personal experience of going to jail

I was depressed over losing my job and had really big problems up against me that I was backed against the wall this time. I took to drinking and until it came to a point that I was driving drunk and I accidentally hit someone when my car swerved and she was hospitalized in critical condition. I was arrested for drunk driving, and was put behind bars where this time, I had to really organize my thoughts and start trying to fix myself lest I be in prison for nearly killing someone.

I wanted to fix my life this time, but in order to do so, I had to bail myself out first, and somehow contest my case in the court as I would be in a hearing regarding this offense and nearly killing someone with drunk driving. I did not have the funds to bail since I was out of work, so I called my sister to bail bond me first and I promised her I will follow the rules of the trials and hearing and also start sobering up for my own good. I will also pay her up when I start earning. It was good she did listen to me and she agreed to be the guarantor for the bail bonds. I first visited the person I ran over and apologized profusely.

Of course, I was not forgiven for what I did, but saying sorry helped me start off fresh and good. Once I get out of my slump, I will also do my best to help with the bills of the victim as a pledge on my part. This bail bonds also ties me to my sister who risked putting up a big collateral for my sake, and I dont plan to break that trust and make her lose something valuable over my stupidity.

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