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I love a ladies magazine that hits all kinds of womens issues. My favorite part of a particular magazine is all the outfits that they put together. They show a celebrity in an outfit, and then they show you similar outfits at a lower cost. Thats too cool! The writer of the article not only shows you the clothing items, but also where to buy the items. To go along with these outfits a woman always need to accessorize. You know handbags, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and also makeup. Well, it even shows you where to purchase these items as well as how much that they will cost. Now, on the relationship aspect this magazine covers dating and married couples issues. In one of the issues they covered love and sex. What women expect and what men expect. I found it interesting in what they said men wanted. It seems they consider just holding women to be very comforting. But what they really crave is the respect of their woman and for her to thank him for the things he does around the house. Thats sexy to a guy. Women on the other hand want to feel safe and know that their financially secure with their man. If a woman feels safe she will give you her whole being.

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