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My Experience In Marketing My Own Business

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            I am is a practicing doctor in beautiful northwest, and it is time that doctors should view patients and other health care professionals as lifetime customers. In other words, physicians must realize that they are in a service delivery business and act accordingly. The notion that a cardiologist without a degree in marketing could develop a web-site educating doctors on the basics of service marketing sounded intimidating to me at first. However, I realized that my first-hand, experience-based insights into medical marketing equip me to offer something rarely available in marketing texts or seminars: the physician's unique perspective.<br /><br />Early on in my years of private practice in a competitive business environment, I recognized the importance of patient (and referring physician) satisfaction, the value of information delivery, and the benefits of networking, in building and maintaining a successful practice.<br /><br />Aided by extensive reading about the science and art of marketing, supplemented by hands-on experience organizing many medical conferences and seminars (targeting both the public, as well as health care professionals), conducting patient satisfaction surveys, and publishing a quarterly newsletter, the task of creating a medical marketing web-site appeared manageable, though challenging. This endeavor, of course, would not have been possible without the guidance of many marketers and marketing agencies.<br /><br />In our world today, where everything can be googled or yelped, it has become even more important to set your practice up with a good marketing plan. At the very least, you should have some sort of presence where if a prospect wants to look you up, he can.
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