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Modern Safes and Vaults Combine New and Old Technology

Safes and Vaults

From small personal safes to the largest bank vault, having a solid storage unit is one of the most secure way to protect important items. For years professional Toronto locksmiths have helped to design, install and maintain wall and floor safes for homes, retail centers and hotels as well as vaults for banks and other types of businesses that need large secured storage areas.

While vaults and safes have been in use for hundreds of years, modern secure storage units are very complex. Vaults and safes have always used some type of complex locking mechanism that required an intricate set of tumblers to be aligned in a pre-determined pattern in order to be opened or secured. Whether it was a small steel box just right for holding a days receipts or a room sized vault used to hold a large number of cash and valuables, strength and security has always been the main needs in a vault or safe. This type of security storage system is something that Toronto locksmiths have long been required to be experts in keeping up with the latest advances in construction of and how the different types of locking systems worked.

As electronic locking systems became more common, modern designs for safes and vaults became more complex. Modern day vaults and safes still require sturdy designs to protect their contents from being stolen or damaged even with the advances in lighter weight virtually impenetrable metals. Also, while electronic codes may be used to open safes and vaults, the basic necessity of aligning a series of gears, known as tumblers remains the same. Even with electronic entry codes, there is still a need to be able to manually open secured storage units and this is a skill that often only an experienced and highly trained Toronto locksmiths can do.

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