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Mobile phone forensics what is it?

“Technology has exceeded our humanity” (Photo credit: Toban Black)

In todays world, mobile phones have become an indispensable and inseparable object in our daily life. The sole purpose of a mobile phone is for communication purposes however advancement in technology has made them a multifunctional device. The prestigious devices gives its users a plethora of functionality, smartphones are a good example of how technology has changed the mobile phones in the recent years. For many of us, mobile phones have made our life easy and interesting but to the criminal minded persons the technology advancement is viewed as something far more sinister.

So what is mobile phone forensics?
Mobile phone forensics is simply the act of using mobile phones to establish or provide criminal evidence that involved the use of a mobile phone. Did you know that your mobile phone can be used to establish your movement? Smartphones have a GPS system which uses satellite signals to show the location of places. This same device can be used to trace your whereabouts. For those that lack GPS, when one makes a call it is recorded by the carrier showing the location and time of call. This makes it easy to trace you since its like the mobile phone is leaving a trail of you behind.

Mobile forensics simply retrieves any information that was transmitted through your mobile phone. For instance, text messages, even if they are deleted they can still be retrievable regardless of who they were sent to. Address books and photos are also another area that forensics use, in case you deleted the address or a particular photo that could be useful then the forensics have the ability to retrieve this items.

How is it used in todays world?
Mobile phone forensics is used in todays world to fight against criminals. The ability to capture videos, audio and images can turn a mobile device into a very powerful spying device. In the wrong hands it can be used to capture information on important and confidential documents and sent to almost any one across the globe.

Other times your mobile phone may fall into the wrong hands and used for criminal activity, emails, GPS information, calendars, text messages and contact information can be send swiftly without the owners knowledge since all this information can be deleted.

In cases where the mobile phone has been used unknowingly for criminal activity the mobile forensic experts services are normally employed. They usually help in recovering files documents and any other information that was sent through your phone or SIM card. The work of a mobile forensic expert is not just limited to recovering data but also providing the identity of the person who carried out the criminal act.

In summary, it is amazing how technology is sharping our world. Development in technology has made this gadgets a must have for everyone. Apart from just being used as a communication device it can also be used in managing crimes. As much as it is not very popular in managing crimes, it is a very useful tool for providing information about criminal activities and the participants.

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