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Meal Plan For Lactose Intolerance

People with lactose intolerance should always be cautious about what they consume at home or outside. Each and every meal of the day should not include any kind of milk products or processed foods. How the meal can be planned? The breakfast can include a bowl of high fiber porridge or cereal with fruits available during the season. They can have bread toast made of whole wheat and also intake coffee or tea that is prepared using soy milk. Have juices made of orange or carrot that are reinforced with calcium. Your ideal lunch can include a canned tuna, vegetable salad dressed with roasted chicken and sandwiches made of whole wheat. Baked salmon topped with mustard vinaigrette and smoothie made of soy milk and fresh fruits would be ideal for lunch.

A moderate dinner including steamed rice, fried vegetables, grilled chicken, lemon juice and a salad filled with chickpea will be sufficient. Your snacking options can be some homemade items or crackers. Try to have your beverages made out of fresh fruits or you can have hot chocolate prepared by using soy milk. If you want to be more cautious about your diet, you can seek the help of diet planners like Nutrisystem using their cost effective Nutrisystem coupons. Children with lactose intolerance should include lots of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. By slightly modifying your diet which is free of lactose, you can prevent the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

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