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Losing Weight, Trimming Fat – Can A Hormone Really Help?

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            Losing weight is easy right? All it takes is commitment and dieting? New research indicates this is almost certainly not the case, as many people find out first hand. The human body is not an on and off switch. When people begin to eat less, their body will counteract this by decreasing the metabolism to prevent weight loss. This was an evolutionarily valuable trait, however, it is no longer necessary or good for people. What is needed is a direct stimulation to the metabolic systems of the body, which few treatments provide. One of the few known is the HCG diet program, which is by far the most powerful. The HCG hormone interacts with the brain directly boosting neuron signals and increasing metabolism to normal levels, regardless of the diet a person is on.<br /><br />HCG is typically given via injections. This allows it to directly interact with the body's biochemical signals. However, the modern hcg drops power program is also now becoming popular. These real HCG drops are a lot cheaper, and can offer the same level of results as seen with injections. Studies on the HCG hormone for use in weight loss indicate it is abnormally powerful. Compared to dieting alone, people will typically lose 4-5 times more total weight. This is thanks to the unique metabolism reset and boosting effects of the hormone on the body. Typically, users lose 25 to 40 pounds of fat within a single treatment protocol. This puts the HCG hormone in another weight class compared to typical prescription or non-prescription treatments.<br /><br />
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