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Looking to Expand My Business

A view of Lakeland's business district, early ...

A view of Lakeland's business district, early 1920s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am trying to find reasonable Office space in Lakeland for rent. I own my own interior design company and want to add an additional office on the other side of town. I started my business six years ago and it has been on a steady climb ever since. I now have four designers and two remodeling crews that work for me. Most of the work that we do is centralized around our office and the surround areas to our north, so I want to open a second office to our south. Hopefully I can break into that market as quickly as I did with my first office, but you can never tell what type of success you will have until you try. I have spoken with a couple of different realtors who are all trying to find an office that will meet my needs. I need something that is going to be big enough to handle a dozen or so employees and allow for an additional office or two to be used as design rooms for clients. I use these rooms to allow my clients to work with our designers and get a first hand look at the design we have planned out for them. We use a software program that allows us to take pictures of the customers home and modify it to match our unique vision of the redesigned area.

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