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Looking For Proven Addiction Treatments

26/52 : Drogues - Drugs

26/52 : Drogues – Drugs (Photo credit: Eric Constantineau –

When you are trying to find help with your chemical dependence problems it can be difficult to find sympathy from people who have never felt the pain of craving and addictions. There are also challenges with the treatment options that are available now or the lack thereof. Currently the treatment options are you would go for a detox where you are completely cut off from all forms of drugs which is a drastic change to the body, if your addiction is to hard drugs like heroine then it could lead to serious physical pain. While the detox forces the body to overcome the chemical dependence it will not deal with the emotional aspect of the addiction. Since the emotional causes of the addiction are not addressed it would greatly increase the chances of a relapse once a person goes back to the people and surroundings that enabled the drug addiction in the first place.

There are now options available with Ibogaine, this drug will help the body adapt to the new life without the drugs it has come to depend on. While it may sound like a contradictory statement to use one drug like Ibogaine to replace another it is very effective. However to maximize the chances of a full recovery a person must also get counseling that will help them understand why they got addicted in the first place.

Only by attacking the chemical and personal reasons that a person became addicted to the hard drugs in the first place can a person hope to break free from their drug addiction. Typically when a person is going for this Ibogaine treatment they are sequestered from the outside world and those who would encourage the drug addiction. By removing the temptation and getting the appropriate help a person who is dealing with an addiction will be more likely to have a speedy recovery.

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