Long-Term Care Facilities For Dogs In Dog Boarding

Recent research shows that nearly up to 93 percent of owners said they would risk their lives to save their dogs life. This research also explains one thing that the bond between owners and their animals becomes very strong and many pet parents find it difficult to let go when the dog reaches the end of its life.

Few years back, traditional treatment for a terminally sick dog was aggressive diagnostic testing followed by euthanasia. Many other options were used to be available and that time pet parents were required to make the decision to either put their beloved dog through painful procedures in an effort to delay the loss as long as possible, or to euthanize. Well, euthanasia was recommended only when it was clear the dog was considered beyond saving, by which time the animal was often experiencing intense suffering or prematurely. We can only say that when some quality of life was still evident but the illness was terminal. You can clear your doubts at , if you have any.

Have you heard about hospice movement? This is a movement which offers a variety of options, from volunteer support and counseling for pet parents to training in how to administer medication and further how to keep the pet pain-free and comfortable during its last days. Moreover, caregivers are properly taught to recognize the signs of impending death and how to deal with different situations. In other words proper care and guidance, the hospice option provides a peaceful end for an animal and euthanasia should occasionally be necessary.

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