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Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Election Heats Up

The Vegas Justice of the Peace Section 3 election is beginning to heat up. While candidates Janiece Marshall and Lary Lamoreux are vying for the Las Vegas Justice of the Peace place the incumbent, Tony Abbatangelo, is attempting to keep his seat. Both challengers are creating a huge impact in the hotly disputed election which has now seen Tony Abbatangelo’s history called in to question.

Before they go onto District Court justices of the Peace have been in position to organize procedural aspects of cases. For instance, they may set bail and manage arraignments. Additionally, Justices also preside over small claims misdemeanor cases and civil cases.

Last Year, Tony Abbatangelo was involved with an episode that is now influencing the election. No contest was pleaded by him to at least one count of misdemeanor battery domestic violence. As he was compelled to perform community service for 6 months and attend domestic violence counselling, a consequence.

As part of his Justice of the Peace obligations, las vegas bail bond was recently granted by Abbatangelo to an attempted murder defendant. The $7500 bail amount was a tiny fraction of the $100,000 bail amount that is generally set for attempted murder suspects. The defendant fled and critics are mentioning this as a fault by Abbatangelo from the bench.

At the center of the controversy surrounding the defendant’s las vegas bail bonds hop may be the fact that this defendant is represented by exactly the same lawyer that represented Abbatangelo in his domestic violence case. Critics are pointing to this as yet another reason not to reelect Abbatangelo.

While the election challengers are attempting to upset the Justice of the Peace incumbent, Abbatangelo can point to his high ratings and 17 year career on the bench as powerful attempting to sell points. Additionally, more money have been raised far by Abbatangelo for his campaign than his challengers. A very important factor is for certain, the Vegas Justice of the Peace Section 3 election is going to be carefully observed.

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