Key Challenges In Compliance Training

While it is necessary to conduct compliance training, many organizations just go through the motions. They do not want the employees away from the workplace, as it has an effect on the productivity and deliverables of the company. Furthermore, the participants may not find the training material interesting, so they may not absorb the importance of the training session. This can limit the results of the training and may not give the outcome that the trainer anticipated.

Trainers need to work hard to make employees understand that not knowing a law is not a reason to break it. Hence, making employees learn the laws and that too quickly ensures results. Also, when reinforcing the compliance procedures to existing employees, there could be a problem, as the employees may feel that such a training session is more for new employees. However, the trainer has to keep reminding them that the training reinforces compliance procedures and also covers new rules, laws and regulations that have come into place since the last training session.

Companies should view compliance training more than just a simple and ordinary training session. It is a combination of training, sensitizing employees and communication. It is about letting employees become aware of the consequences of not adhering to rules, practices and norms that the company has in place.

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