Is Love All You Need?

My boyfriend and I are working hard to make a life together. I am going to school and he, well, he is looking for work but finding it very hard to find anything sustainable. We have only been living together for two months now. I know, in his dreams, he never pictured living in a little one room apartment, living off the measly income of his girlfriend while he is unable to support himself let alone her. We will get by though. With our love and dedication to one another, we will build a life that will match both of our dreams. I can only hope that we will be able to last long enough for him to realize the same. I have heard it is difficult for a man in his prime to be unable to support the woman he loves. Will this pose an impediment to the two of us becoming what I absolutely know will be a wonderful couple? Will me being the one supporting the two of us undermine him so that he will feel less of a man. There have been many articles written about how modern American man has begun to feel inferior simply because he is no longer the bread winner. Will this cause my man to leave me since he is unable to support the two of us in these hard times?

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