Inappropriate Handling Of Lenses Can Hurt Your Eyes

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            Around 140 million people all over the world wear contact lenses. Young or old, people wear contact lenses out of one's own free will or circumstances. Many people, especially the young, wear contact lenses to look attractive. Older people wear contact lenses to enhance their vision. Going by recent reports, however, all sets of people might achieve a completely different and unintended result damaged eyes. There is a lot more to wearing contact lenses than simply wearing them. You need to wear them properly and appropriately. If you want the world of contact lenses at your feet, you should visit vision direct or any other eyewear retailer. You will definitely leave the store with a smile on your lips and your eyes.<br /><br />Many people wear contact lenses continuously for an extremely long time more than 20 hours. However, experts recommend that you use contact lenses for only a few hours at a time before giving your eyes a break. You don't understand what this means? Consider this analogy when you are in the ocean or a swimming pool and decide to go underwater without any equipment, you instinctively hold your breath. Wearing contact lenses puts your eyes in a somewhat similar situation. Although it does not completely block the oxygen supply to your eyes, it does restrict the amount of oxygen your eyes receive.
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