H and R Block Online Makes A Bold Move For Turbo Tax Customers

H and R Block Online is giving away FREE tax software to lots of disgruntled TurboTax users. They have acted quickly to grab annoyed customers who a irritated at Turbo Tax’s ‘sneaky’ new price hike. Let’s face it, war is not supposed to be fun, but in this case, it is the consumers who are winning. This is a corporate war that will result in freebies for a lot of people.

H and R Block Online
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H and R Block Online has decided to go guerilla on Turbo Tax and spread the good work via the media. They have chosen to leave it off of their website (not sure why), but they are letting it be known that they’re giving away their FREE ‘deluxe’ tax preparation software to anybody who has already paid for the Turbo Tax Basic or the Deluxe package for 2014.

The question may be, “why would someone want a free software after they’ve already bought one?” It could be that consumers are angry enough to turn to H&R Block’s offer, especially after seeing the Deluxe edition this year and how it is missing some of the old familiar features of that past years. Some of those features include options used for filing Schedule Cs and Ds, that let you report your small business and investment income. Consumers are calling this a covert hike in price because to access these missing features they would have to upgrade to a software version that is more expensive.

So in come H&R Block with their offer of a similar type of deluxe program, however, with theirs there are no abridgments. Anybody who sends their name, phone number, and address to [email protected], along with their operating system and a scan proving their purchase of the Turbo Tax Deluxe or Basic packages, gets this software for FREE.

Not too surprising, Turbo Tax has immediately jumped into crisis mode. Bob Meighan, their Vice President, is now attempting to appease the angry reviewers that have saturated Amazon. The company has taken the stance now that any Deluxe customers that feel they’ve been misled could be eligible to receive a FREE upgrade.

Meighan states, “We understand that this is a very competitive environment. We want to do all we can to keep our customers satisfied.”

They also understand that brand loyalty is a driving force behind the way people select their tax preparation software. After you are used to a specific software, it just feels wrong to switch, in a psychological way.

This opportunity should be a good one for enabling Turbo Tax consumers to get a sneak peek at the competition. They can test drive this software to compare the speed and user-friendliness it contains. People who only paid $20 to get their Turbo Tax Basic could receive a value of as much as $55 from H&R Block. This is true even though the price difference is not going to make as much difference as the user experience.

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