How To Improve The Sound Of Your Computer Speakers

Computer speakers usually have pretty poor sound quality. They are usually built very cheaply to fit into the PC market which is very much driven by cost. In fact, Dell is probably responsible for the fall in PC prices. PC retailers are now making less profit than ever. As such manufacturers are under great pressure to offer inexpensive products. As such the quality of PC speakers often is less then perfect. If you want to get good sound from your PC then there are some options. In this post, I will explore two of the most obvious options.

Probably the most obvious option is not to get speakers which are made specifically for PCs and instead have a look at some active HiFi speakers. Active speakers incorporate a power amplifier – similar to PC speakers. The usually have RCA audio inputs. By using a Y adapter cable you can easily connect those speakers with the sound card of your PC. The extra money spent is well worth it.

The other option is to try to improve the sound quality of your PC speakers by using an equalizer. Most media players do have a built-in equalizer feature. Also, the placement of your speakers affects the sound. You can get a wireless surround sound speaker kit at and locate your speakers farther away from your PC to get better sound.

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