How to File a Kentucky Divorce

The primary pleading in a Kentucky Divorce is called the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. This is commonly referred to as divorce papers by people who are served with a divorce action. This document sets out biographical information about the spouses as well as information about their marriage and any minor children born of the marriage. This document must also contain specific statutory information that allows the court to exercise jurisdiction over the divorce. This document rarely contains detailed information about the breakdown of the marriage. Because Kentucky is a “no fault” state, the Petition does not discuss the details leading to the breakdown of the marriage.

Most Petitions of Dissolution contain the names, dates of birth and occupations of the litigants, the location and date of the marriage, the date the spouses separated, and how long the the spouse asking for the divorce has lived in the Commonwealth before filing the Petition. If the parties have children who are not yet adults, the Petition must list biographical information about the children, as well as their addresses for the past five years.

Along with the Petition, the person asking for the divorce must file a document titled “case data sheet” that contains the names, addresses, dates of birth and telephone number of the parties and children.

The Petition must also file a form VS300. This document contains much of the same information as the Petition for Dissolution. This form is delivered to the Department of Vital Statistics when the divorce is completed.

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