How To Develop A Trend Trading System For Binary Options

There are three primary phases to a trend which can be used to help analyse the various stages. When developing a Forex system it is useful to know these in order to determine which part of the trend your strategy will target.
The first phase is made up aggressive buying as the informed traders enter the market. This is the time that the biggest gains are made by traders as the market will tend to move the most. This brings the start of the trend to the attention of the market in the first instance.

The second phase is characterised by increasing earnings and an improved outlook for the market. An increased number of people will notice the market at this point and see that profits have been made. Investors will want to participate in these profits and therefore more will seek to back the direction of the trend.

The third phase tends to show record earnings and will see the greatest gains made as more and more investors pile in on the basis of the good story. This is the most dangerous time to trade as at this point the market can enter a period of euphoria. This will often see valuations stretched and the likelihood of reversals occurring in the market.

It is important to find out more about how the different stages of trend will work when designing your systems. You need to decide which part of the trend you are going to target when you are creating your trading strategy. While the third period can prove the most profitable, it is also the riskiest.

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