How To Deal With Zits On Prom Night

One of the biggest problems that girls usually have when it is prom night are pimples. Pimples seem to grow just when you want to look perfect and extraordinarily beautiful. If you happen to grow one of those hideous zits on prom night, you can pretend that they are not their by using the right foundation. You need to look for foundation which has the same shade as your skin. This is very important if you want to create an impression that your face is naturally blemish free. After applying foundation to the area where the zit is growing, take a step back from the mirror to see if there are blotches or redness near the area where the pimple is. You can disguise these blotches with a bit of foundation. Be sure to blend the foundation well in these areas.

If you are having difficulty in finding a foundation with the same shade as your skin, use something which is one shade darker as it will blend better than a foundation which is lighter. Prom night is not just about finding one of those cheap prom dresses and looking sexy while wearing that gown, it is also about looking beaming, beautiful and absolutely perfect.

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