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How To Control Your Sonos Wireless Music System

The Sonos wireless music system can be used for a variety of applications. The most common application is streaming of music from the internet through your house. However, you can also use the Sonos system to stream music that is stored on your computer and in addition connect the Sonos zone player to any other audio source. Recently, Sonos has also launched an iPod dock which allows streaming of iPod music.

In this article I’ll demonstrate some methods of controlling your wireless system. After you have purchased your components at sonos zone, you’ll have to set it up. You can hire an installer or do it yourself. There is not much involved in setting up each of the components. Just read through the user guide and you should be up and running within half an hour.

One of the nice features of the Sonos wireless system is the ability to create and change music zones. A zone is a group of speakers that play the same music. There are several ways to set up such a zone. One method is to use the Sonos remote control. Just group each of the speakers together and link them to a zone player. Another method is to download an app and run it on your PC or mobile device.

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