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How To Become Rich In Two Month In RS

Runescape is a great game that demands your time and attention. One of the most important things all players try to do is to get rich. This is because everything in the game costs money. Through research and experience, I have come up with a relatively easy method for money making. If you have patience, I can show you how to become rich in two month.

First, you should get dressed and equipped for this money making cycle. You should get some gold coins so that you can pay for staffs. Then you need to get a spade so that you can do some farming. Get a Hatchet so that you can chop a couple of your own trees. You will get a full inventory of items and you may think it is heavy to carry. But it really works. Now let’s get going to our trek. In all cases, you can buy the cheap items you come across. You may get a tool to help you buy cheap items.

You can start your cycle by going to Al Kharid Via Dueling ring. You find the cactus patch just run south a bit. You can get super compost from the If needed, weed the cactus patch and apply the super in order to plant the seed. You will harvest the cactus tomorrow.

Then you should rune south to Shantay Pass. You will be trading with Shantay. You can find a bank nearby. You will buy items with you gold. The more cheap items you buy, the more Runescape gold you earn.

The next step is to withdraw your items from the bank and put them in the grand exchange. You can sell the items for a good price at the right time. You should learn some trading skills from other people when selling. If you want to learn more Click HERE For Info.

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