How Technology Has Impacted The Shopping Process

Technology today has become more advanced (read: more complicated) than ever before. A couple of decades back it would have been easy to go to my local store, and ask for the usual items that pretty much every Tom, Dick and Harry would know about, and use in their lives.

However, the best of technical advancements of all times have entered the market, leading to two major changes. One of these changes is that you don’t need to go to a local store for every item you require – you can find your items right from your home, using your computer or tab or mobile phone, and the Internet. The Internet, and web-based stores, have proliferated exponentially, leading to a major transition in the shopping paradigm.

The other change is that the diversity of item types that have become in the market, thanks to advancements in applied technology. For example, a whole body vibration machine (ref: that is fully computer-programmed, leading to automated exercise, was unheard of a few decades back. One would simply go to the local exercise equipment store, and pick up the dumb bells and other traditional exercise equipments for carrying out their exercise process. So today, exercise systems are diverse (manual versus automated, and different kinds and degrees of automation).

The exercise equipments mentioned here are just one types of example, among many such examples. One can think of traditional phones yesterday, versus the several types of mobile phones today. There are many more such examples. The bottom line remains that, technology has radically changed the process of shopping as we know it today from what we knew it to be yesterday.

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