How Music Corrupts Society

With the free youtube downloading software you can download any music you want for free right into your computer. These music downloads are free but has anyone ever thought about how music impacts society ? There are some people who firmly believe that music is having a negative impact on young people. If a person read over the lyrics of some modern rap songs that a successful person is someone who sells drugs and leads a promiscuous lifestyle. Individuals who only heard these lyrics once may not be bothered by them but if a person constantly hears these lyrics and sees the rap singer as someone who is famous and rich then a young person will emulate that behavior.

These young people will one day grow up and lead this nation so we all need to give some serious thought to the types of values these kids have. Any person who wonders whether music corrupts society could use that same YouTube downloading software and watch the world famous Woodstock concert where people were taking illicit drugs and engaging in a host of immoral activities, as music continues to permeate society we could only guess how this corruption will spread. If you feel we are attacking something you love do not feel that way we are merely pointing out an observation we made, feel free to do your own research on this subject.

How Music Corrupts Society by
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