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How Many Surround Speakers Do You Need?

Setting up a home theater system is quite complex even though manufacturers of these systems are coming up with methods for simplifying the installation. You may be tempted to get a home theater kit that is already fully configured. These kits have all of the required components except for the speaker cable. As such you can save some money and also you won’t have to figure out which components you need. However, there are some advantages when configuring your home theater system yourself. You have a lot more freedom in selecting components. You can pick the AV receiver that you feel is easiest to work with and gives you all of the features that you need. Then you can add speakers that give you good sound. Usually the speakers that are bundles in pre-configured home theater kits do not have good sound quality.

In this post I will explain exactly how many surround rear speakers you need to buy. In fact the number of speakers depends on which surround standard you want to support. The latest 7.1 surround systems work with a total of 7 full-range speakers plus one subwoofer. This number can be a bit overwhelming. More common 5.1 systems use 5 speakers plus a subwoofer.

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