How I Ended Up In Debt

I’m in a lot of debt these days and I have even contacted a debt management agency to help me out if it. But how did it all come to that?

Three years ago I was a successful business owner running my own little shop. But things started to go wrong and the company went into bankrupt. I lost my source of income and due to personal liabilities also had to pay off some of the company’s debts. That all thing ruined my name and I couldn’t find a new job easily. I wasn’t going to accept low paying jobs with minimum wages as I wasn’t used to that lifestyle.

I managed somehow for a few years but not anymore. All my credit cards are maxed out and I have lots of debt. I don’t know how I can ever deal with this. I’m depressed all the time and there are days and weeks when I don’t have money to buy food for my kids and myself. The whole thing is terrible, but now I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I really hope that this debt management agency can help me and I can finally get this chapter of my life closed.

How I Ended Up In Debt by
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