Hosting Requirements You Will Need for Penny Auction Sites

A penny auction site is simply a website and to function as one, you will need to be live in the web. A web host makes a page public but given that penny auctions hold functions that separate them from other sites, they have Specific requirements where hosting is concerned.

Here are some important requirements:

SMS Gateway: There are two types of SMS gateways that you will need; one that will allow bulk SMS sending so that they can send cheap regular updates to customers in their database; the other is for reverse billing, which enables customers to facilitate their bidding options through text. These gateways are not necessary but some hosting companies will be offering this kind of service and you can opt to have one.

Payment Gateway: Since you will be dealing with your customers and transacting money with them. They will be providing you with their credit card details, information that are delicate and should be protected. As the site owner, you hold the responsibility of allowing money transactions to take place so that payments can be made for the items and for other things.

The truth is that a website is not easy to manage, but if you know what you are doing, anything is possible

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