History Of The Croton Watch And The Croton Men’s Watches Selection

English: Cortébert Jump-hour from 1890s, Pallw...

English: Cortébert Jump-hour from 1890s, Pallweber movement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many years, Croton men’s watches have been viewed as one of the finest brand of watches a man can ever possess. From 18k gold diamond studded automatic timepieces to simple watches in today’s most stylish colours and styles, there is a Croton watch for you for just about any occasion. So, learning about their history can give a peek to you into the world of Croton where excellent quality watches are made.

The family – run and owned trade concentrated on diamond – studded watches that sold well to jewellery shops in the United States. As Croton’s popularity grew, the demand for their refined quality watches also grew larger. Its jewelled collection was opened by croton as the critical tastes of their customers changed.

At present, Croton Watch is still family-owned and run by the Mermelstein family in an 18,000 square feet facility in Moonachie, New Jersey. This multi-million dollar enterprise, which sells a broad variety of watches from basic quartz to complicated chronographs in quite fair prices, holds the same doctrine as their ancestors that precision, quality, style and value go together to create the best watches in the world.

The Mermelsteins have been view suppliers for over four decades. They possess Nationwide Time Inc., an enterprise that specializes in making watches for the premium and retail market. They have made a glossy production and distribution facility while maintaining Croton’s acclaim of absolute quality. Croton/NTI went on to work with a Hong Kong assembly plant with the ability to make 200,000 watches per month. Known as the “Makers’ producer,” Croton/NTI also creates private label watches for a number of well-known companies, and makes premiums for thousands of corporations. More information click here and get all the updates

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