Hermes Outlet: A Closer Look at the Birkin Bag

One of the bestsellers from all Hermes boutiques and Hermes outlet is their Birkin bag. In fact, it is considered to achieve an iconic status among all other Hermes handbags. The Birkin bag is available in range of sizes. You can also purchase the bag in a made to order basis. This way, customers can choose the bag’s material, its color and its hardware fixtures. The customer also has the option to put diamond-encrusting on the bag. As for the hides, the customer can choose from calf leather, crocodile, ostrich and/or lizard leather. Saltwater crocodile skin is considered to be one of the most expensive among all the hides. Another is that, the smaller the scale in the hide, the higher the price. The bag is also lined with goat skin, and the color of the exterior should match the color of the interior of the bag.

As mentioned, the bags also come in different size range such as 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm and 40 cm. There are also available bags in 50 and 55 cm. These are perfect for travelling. The bag may come in different colors such as red, pink, brown, light or baby blue, navy blue, orange, olive green, white, golden tan and black. The bag also comes with lock and keys which are enclosed in an aclochette a leather lanyard looped through a handle. The locks and keys are coded. The locks of the earlier bags only have one number at the bottom but now, some may have second number which can be found under the Hermes stamp on the lock. These codes can be the same with other locks because these are batch numbers.

Another thing that may add to the value of the bag are the metallic hardware because these are plated with gold or palladium to avoid tarnishing. The metal lock may also be covered with leather or can be adorned with diamonds.

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