Have More Than 50 Employees In California? Satisfy AB1825 With Online Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training is a potentially advisable compliance tool for all companies. Not only is it the right thing to do, an effective sexual harassment training program reduces the risk of incidents that could give rise to lawsuits and, in the event of a lawsuit, helps the company by establishing that the company as a whole was committed to preventing sexual harassment. In addition, in California, sexual harassment training is mandatory for companies above a certain size pursuant to ab 1825.

If you have more than 50 personnel in California, including part time employees and contractors, did you know that you are subject to ab 1825, a California law that requires that (a) all new supervisors receive sexual harassment training in the first six months after hire, and (b) sexual harassment training be refreshed every two years?

AB 1825 requires all companies employing more than 50 persons in California to provide live or online sexual harassment training within six months to new supervisors and that all supervisors get sexual harassment training every two years. AB 1825 also requires that this training be delivered by a suitable “trainer” (meaning a lawyer or other professional knowledgeable about sexual harassment law and who has at least 2 years of experience) and that the training be sufficiently interactive and effective. This means that the training must include questions designed to insure that the supervisors are learning the materials and that the training includes hypothetical scenarios to apply the principles being taught. The training must last at least 2 hours, although interestingly, the two hours of training does not need to be devoted may cover other topics. A company may provide training live or on-line or both.

Have More Than 50 Employees In California? Satisfy AB1825 With Online Harassment Training by
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