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Geotrust SSL Certificates

We all are aware of the word cyber crime and in todays cyber world, crime is increasing day-by-day and all we need is security. Various customers activities like personal details, transaction, purchase of items, and e-commerce websites, all have become online these days. Whatever activities you are performing online, all can be easily taken by the ID thieves without letting you know. So it is must to have a check by keeping a higher level of security. Geotrust is a branded provider of digital certificates. SSL is the service socket layer which is one of the security services provided by Geotrust.

SSL is an intermediate layer between Application and Transport layer in TCP/IP model. This layer categories its functionality between two things. First is, it establishes a connection between the peers. And second is, it makes the highly secured connection when the data is sent from the source to destination. The data is broken in smaller data, which can be known as fragments. Then each fragment is compacted, authenticated, encrypted and then transmitted. This all is done on the senders side. On recipients side, the fragments are decrypted, again these are verified, decompressed and reassembled. Protocols upon which they work are SSL Handshake Protocol, SSL Change Cipher Spec Protocol, SSL Alert Protocol, and SSL Application Data Protocol. Every protocol has its own function.

Information Needed by this SSL Certificate Includes:

– The name of Certificate holder.
– The serial number and expiry date of certificate.
– Certificate copy of holders public key.
– Certificate issuing authoritys digital signature.

Positive points of Geotrust SSL are, these are widely used as well as well designed. Moreover these secure the internet. Since buyers and sellers need to maintain a secured connection and it is important to make a trust bridge between them, security has become necessity for online activities.

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