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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning LED Downlights

Since LED is still a new technology, its operation has puzzled many. Numerous questions have been asked concerning LED downlights, and some of those questions will be reviewed in this article. One of the key questions that users have asked is whether they have the ability to control or regulate the change of color in their downlights. The answer is yes, it is possible for one to control the color alterations. The downlights fittings contain radio frequency that is the size of a credit card and that functions by talking to the color changing transformer. The user does not need to have infra-red optical since they function on radio frequency.

There is a remote control that allows a user to have a set of fixed colors, and there are 12 variable colors present. The user may alternatively set differ sequences that flash and fade in or fade out different colors. The range of the remote control is 20 meters. Other remote control features make it possible for the user to turn on and turn off the lights. They have a function used for dimming and hence, a user can control the rate of color alterations. To find more about different colors of downlights and how to control the color change, click on the link, .

Another question that has been posted by most users is whether these downlights are costly to run. With the skyrocketing rates of energy and power bills, worrying about costs is inevitable. It however, essential for users to know that downlights that run on LED technology are more cost effective compared to halogen downlights. The power that is drawn by downlights running on LED technology is much smaller compared to that drawn by halogen downlights. Judging from other questions asked by users and the responses given at , it is evident that LEDs are the most recommendable lighting source.

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