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Fire Safety Games Help Teach

A very easy and fun way to teach people about fire safety is to play fire safety games. Practicing what you should be done in the event of a fire can be made into a fun game. This is very important to do with small children because it keeps them interested and makes the process fun. One way you can turn fire safety into a game is to make a fake game show. Have everyone in your household buzz in to answer questions about fire safety. The first person to buzz in gets a shot at answering the fire safety question. If they get it right they win the points. If they are wrong you can give someone else a chance to steal the points from them. Another fun fire safety game is to have the fire safety Olympics. You can great a list of actions associated with putting out a fire or fire safety. Everyone in your family can compete and see who can do them the best. You can see who can get to the fire extinguishers first. You can also see who can dial the number for the fire department the fastest. Make sure you do the last one on a fake phone though!

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