Financial Misconduct in Marriage Leads to At-Fault Divorce in Ohio

When you are considering divorcing your spouse, there are so many things to think about that you may feel a bit overwhelmed. You can consult with a Cincinnati divorce attorney to discuss your options. If the reason for the marriage to end is your fault, you might wonder if it will hurt you in a divorce. The good thing for you if you are worried about this, is that there are no-fault divorces in Ohio. However, if there has been financial misconduct within a marriage, a divorce to be granted in favor of one spouse.

Financial Misconduct is when one spouse spends money without the other spouse’s approval or knowledge. It also pertains to hiding assets. Marital funds that are used to pay for an addiction or for an extramarital affair, is also considered financial misconduct during the marriage. If financial misconduct can be proven, the court may award a larger portion of the marital assets and estate to the spouse who was deceived.

If you are considering divorce and you think your spouse has been conducting financial misconduct, you will want to be certain to hire a divorce lawyer who is experienced in these types of cases. The lawyer will need to do a ton of digging to uncover the financial misconduct.

Financial Misconduct in Marriage Leads to At-Fault Divorce in Ohio by
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