Fighting The Disability Insurance Companies

There are many reasons an insurance company has the right to investigate a disability claim application, but they often go beyond legitimate reasons and start investigating applications to intimidate claimants or find reasons to deny clearly legitimate claims. The use the guise of investigating fraud, but they are actually trying to raise their profit margins by denying any disability claim they can. Policies have become more and more restrictive and they have even begun to write out benefits for certain disabilities, even if the claimant cannot work anymore.

Even the organizations and individuals at the governmental level that are supposed to help have been tainted by the big business of insurance companies. Insurance commissioners are often former employees of the insurance companies and even the ones that arent have had their power stripped away to the point where they have no punishment but a simple slap on the wrist.

This is why it is up to you to protect your benefits and defend your rights. There are laws and regulations that limit what the insurance companies can do, but they do not expect you to know them, so often they try and skirt the law to get the information you need. Just because they send an authorization or release letter to you does not mean you have to sign it.

Fighting The Disability Insurance Companies by
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