Eye Care Needs Of Pregnant Women

Pregnancy brings in a lot of changes in the body and can also affect the eyes and vision. Many of these changes are caused by changes in the hormones. Sometimes they can cause serious difficulties. It is better to consult an ophthalmologist if difficulties relating to eye are experienced and avail the vision direct coupon code. Though some women wear contact lenses for a long time, they experience difficulties in wearing them after getting pregnant. Changes happening in the cornea during pregnancy might result in swelling and edema. These irritate the eyes and the contact lenses that were fit earlier become uncomfortable. This can be corrected by switching to glasses during pregnancy. New contact lenses are normally not recommended in pregnancy. Even a regular user of contact lenses may have to keep a pair of glasses for use during the period of pregnancy. Pregnancy brings in swelling and nearsightedness is felt on some days. These are only temporary difficulties in many cases. The eyes might become dry with the changes in the quality and quantity of tears. The dryness makes the eyes itching, burning and watery. Ophthalmologists normally recommend artificial tears to be administered many times during the day. Pregnant women having diabetes should take the advice of an ophthalmologist. Those that experience spots in vision should undergo special screening by the eye care professionals.

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