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Different Varieties Of Dumbbells

Nowadays, people prefer doing their workouts with portable and small exercise equipment. This is because it is convenient to use and also affordable. By getting your own set of dumbbells, you can avoid spending an expensive amount of money on the gym membership. You also get privacy and the luxury of doing the exercise at your own time in your home.

Dumbbell enables you do resistance training exercises. These exercises help to build the muscle mass, increase the amount of calories that are burnt, and also improve the metabolism. The Adjustable dumbbell set gives a more effective workout and greater benefits. It is the best choice for beginners. It is sold as a set and has two handles. The weight plates have 80 pounds and there are two caps on the ends which can be used for changing the weights when needed.

Hex dumbbells form a durable option and start at 40 cents per pound. The main drawback with the hex type is that they need more space. You need to have a rack for storing the dumbbells. They are also expensive when compared to the adjustable type. The pro style type of dumbbells is mostly seen in gyms and fitness studios. They are expensive but are ergonomically created to conform to the hand easily thus increasing the convenience factor favourably.

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