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Criteria for making a Good Cartridge Choice

There are innumerable sellers of computer ink and cartridges that it confuses your buying decision. It is difficult to decide which cartridge will be most suitable for your printer. The Canon Cart316 is a toner cartridge produced by Canon which is used in laser printers.

Printers have become an integral part of the office furniture. This increased demand for printers have led to the manufacture of innumerable varieties of cartridges. It is necessary to keep certain criteria in mind while making a choice of them. Besides producing high quality images on paper, the cartridge should be Eco friendly. It should take less time to restock the paper and should have low power requirements. Reliability and pricing also form important points to be considered while choosing a particular brand. The cartridges are normally expensive items and hence the user has to also decide the options for replacement. Viewing its cost, sometimes it makes sense to go for purchase of the new printer. The other option is to go for a toner refill or a compatible cartridge or a re-manufactured cartridge. The toner refill necessitates the filling of the empty cartridge with toner powder so that the cartridge can be reused. This becomes a cheaper alternative and also reduces environmental effects. However the before and after quality comparisons have to be made before selecting this choice. Re-manufactured cartridges are based on similar principles of the toner refill.

Compatible cartridges are manufactured by third party manufacturers and sold under their brand names. Compatible cartridges which come in all color value packs from various companies are available for Canon Cart316. Re-manufactured toner cartridges for it are also available. The compatible and the OEM cartridges can be readily got from the relevant store. Since the re-manufactured cartridge requires the empty cartridge to be worked on, it may be available off-the-shelf only in the big chain stores.

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