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Contents Of Best Radio Commercials

There are innumerable radio commercials out there, just a handful are worth the price of admission though. Why is this? Because most of them do not include what I call the “four elements of a great radio commercial”. Why are they so important? Because they are the difference between a radio commercial making a connection with your message or totally missing the point.

The four points are:
1) Make the radio commercial Relevant. (Keep it relatable to what people are thinking and doing right now, at this date, at this time, etc.)

2) Make it about the customer. How will it help them? (No one cares if you are “proud to declare” something or what YOU feel… Make it about what they will feel.

3) Make the radio commercial fascinating. (Do not give us a list of what to laundry you offer, focus on one subject and make it shine!)

4) Make the commercial hard to dismiss. Make an offer that the consumer will not be able to turn down, or be so taken by that they have to find out more. This may mean you make very small on the first trade, but a loyal customer will be gained by you.

It is one thing to understand “what kind” of things you need in a commercial, but translating that into a persuasive message can be hard if you are not well versed in the craft writing a radio commercial. Where it will pay off big time to hire a radio marketing company that know what they are doing that is. Thirty or sixty seconds goes by faster than you think, and getting a focused message crafted in that time frame is juggling act that can only be perfected through experience.

Before a company is contacted by you to help you create the radio commercial creation, get your own ducks in a row. Take down some notes on what you need to promote in the message, and place them in order of precedence. What NEEDS to get out there and what can take the back burner? You may need to create two or more commercials, if you find that your list of mandatory items needing promotions to be long.

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