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Collect All the Monster High Dolls

Do your children watch Monster High on TV and do they absolutely love the dolls that go with the popular series? If the answer is yes, then they will want to buy dolls such as the Gloom Beach Draculaura doll, which is part of the new collection of Monster High dolls. These dolls are really popular at the moment as they combine fashion and frights perfectly.

The storylines of the TV series are really fun and exciting and all children love their crazy take on high school. The makers of the dolls, Mattel, have already made a few TV series of Monster High, and the popularity is still growing with each episode. Many fan sites exist now online, where people talk about their favourite characters, dolls and episodes.

Collecting these dolls is a very popular pastime with many people around the world and not just with children. In fact, there are some adults who have huge collections of Monster High dolls and they keep them in pristine condition inside their original boxes.

However, these dolls were designed to be played with and children certainly enjoy doing that with them. So if your children like Monster High, they will want you to get them these dolls so they can carry on the adventures outside of the TV series.

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