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Clash In Cotai: The Battle For Glory And Reputation

Boxing analysts and well-known personalities from the boxing industry mentioned that the Pacquiao vs Rios Live fight will be the best bout that is going to happen this year. The fight which every boxing follower and fan been anticipating of. The fight is happening this November 24 at the area of Venetian Maca, China the fight is branded as the Clash in Cotai. Unfortunately, not all boxing enthusiast can fly to Macau China to watch the fight since the expenses are way beyond their budget, however HBO is offering a pay per view channel just to cater those fans who are not capable of going to China.

While Top Rank Promotions is busy with their campaign on the fight, Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios on the other hand are busy preparing for the fight. There have been recent updates that Pacquiao and Rios team acquired new trainers to aid in their fight progress. While the fight is drawing to a near, predictions are already circulating on who will reign victorious in the ring and regain his reputation back. Although most of the fans are on Manny Pacquiaos side, there are some as well who bets on Brandon Rios to be their winner. But then again, everything is set to happen this November 24 and it will be decided on that day.

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