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Benefits of Formula Feeding

Over the last few years, there has been a huge debate over the benefits of breastfeeding versus formula feeding. While breastfeeding is a healthier option, it is less socially acceptable in the current society and time-consuming. Therefore, there has been a trend change, whereby many people prefer formula feeding to breastfeeding. Some of the key benefits of formula feeding will be presented below.

Bottle feeding is easier in public
Most mothers have complained of getting disapproving looks when breastfeeding in public. This implies that breastfeeding in public is quite challenging. Bottle feeding on the other hand, is much easier and … Read the rest

Amazon Shopping For Picnic Time

I love Amazon shopping – I really do. Once I start I can get lost all day looking for deals, bargains, unique items, whatever. Because of that I know that I must do things with my family first. Today I promised the kids that I would take them on a picnic. The old-fashioned kind, with a blanket and a basket. Sitting on the ground, relaxing and talking. Hopefully talking. I’m going to confiscate their cell phones so they can’t text their friends. And I know I am going to run into great opposition to this, but it’s something I believe … Read the rest

Teach Kids to Stay Fit

Healthy kids are active kids and are more productive in school, in their extra-curricular activities, at home, and in life. Thus, parents need to raise healthy and happy kids through teaching them how to stay fit and how to live a good and healthy lifestyle. The question is, what must parents do to keep their kids away from the temptations of unhealthy living these days?

We cannot deny the fact that with the advent of the modern technology, most kids prefer to stay at home, sit in front of their laptops or computers to interact with their friends or … Read the rest