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Remembering the Creative Legacy of Lincoln Kienholz

Take a journey through the incredible and inspiring artwork of renowned artist Lincoln Kienholz. Learn more about his amazing contributions to the art world!

Lincoln Kienholz was an iconic American artist whose lifelong mission was to create powerful, inspiring art works. His unique style merged elements of Pop Art and Op Art and employed innovative techniques to explore themes such as consumerism and religion. From sculptures to installations and assemblages, take a journey through the incredible artwork of Lincoln Kienholz.

Exploring Lincoln Kienholz and His Work

Lincoln Kienholz was a highly revered artist whose creative legacy is celebrated and respected … Read the rest

Using Photoshop To Retouch Wedding Photos

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            If photography is your passion then turn this hobby into something more rewarding where you could make money and help couples catch their happiest day as they tie the knot. Starting a wedding photography career could take much of your effort, cash and other resources. But you must certainly start with passion to keep you driven and pursue a career. Unlike taking normal image shots, wedding photography involves challenge and that is why <a href="">top wedding 
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Being Successful As One Of The Top Wedding Photographers In Town

Developing any career much like wedding photography needs your time, skill, and money. This is due to the fact that you have to invest resources in order to find out and be skilled on the craft. If photography is a pastime that you take pleasure in and enthusiastic about, then this is a wonderful method to begin an occupation and from this you can start acquiring experience. You could join a team or organization that can help you refine your abilities and learn even more methods from them. Having no adequate experience will make you tough to prove your reputation … Read the rest

Top Wedding Photographers — Cherishing Memories Of The Moments With One Photo At A Time

Have you ever looked at your moms and dad’s or grandparent’s wedding images? If you have, then you probably comprehend the importance of those straightforward yet cherished pieces of paper. If, perhaps, you are about to get married, wouldn’t you wish to make sure that your wedding pictures are similar to theirs? Would not you desire your kids or grandchildren to see simply how it was for you on your wedding?

Selecting top wedding photographers has come to be slightly cumbersome nowadays. This is since of the ever expanding industry of expert wedding photographers. However, if you understand just exactly … Read the rest

The Three Top Award Winning Wedding Photographers

There are a number of top wedding photographers who have made great names as well as history in their endeavor to deliver quality and satisfactory work. One of the most renowned photographers is Emin Kuliyev who has won a number of awards in wedding photojournalism and has been on the forefront in wedding documentations for almost ten years. Most of Emins pictures have widely been featured in Digital photo archives, the Brides New York, photo Art international, the After Capture and Popular Photography. Emins name came in to the limelight in 2008 when he was named by the AGWPJA as … Read the rest

The Greatest Day That I Almost Missed

That Wednesday was the happiest day of my life. I knew that moment could be topped by a very few things , and those things were going to have to be spectacular. My wedding day was the greatest thing to have happened to me. The crazy part, when I think about that day was two days before we had a huge fight and I started thinking if what we were going to do was right. We had been waiting for 72 hours to pass and the closer we got to actually being able to get married, things started falling apart. … Read the rest