Can Any One Set of Headphones Do It All?

I need headphones that can quite literally do it all. I need them to connect to jacks in trains and at airports, plus be able to plug into the plane’s sound system when I fly. I need them to be able to work with my computer and my MP3 players, and I need them to also fit into my cell phone. I want to be able to wear them for extended periods of time without discomfort, but I also need them to dampen annoying noises when I need to work. I want to be able to turn that feature on and off, if that is even possible. I need the sound quality to be above average, as listening is a part of my job. I do not know if they even make a single pair of headphones that will work for all of my needs, but I am going to try and find one pair that is going to work. I would much prefer to spend money on a single pair that can do it all, verse paying that same money on a few different pairs that are liable to get lost or misplaced at some time or another. I just hope that I am going to be able to find something that can meet my needs without me having to settle for less.

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