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Beyond Laser Hair Removal: Worrying About Fashion

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            Jenny, a 27 year old sales consultant has never worn a blazer or sports coat because she was afraid the hair on her underarms might show up. After reading a couple of no no hair removal reviews, she finally decided to get laser hair removal done. Basically her problem with unwanted hair has already been solved. But still she noticed that she still had this problem on how to dress up well.<br /><br />She knows when and how to wear a blazer when she is in business casual. But it's when she's on her very casual mode that she's a bit unsure. <br /><br />She tried wearing slim fitting jeans with either leather loafers or dress boots. She also tried to pair the jeans with a button down shirt that's not tucked in. But she feels that she looks like a dork wearing a blazer over a shirt that's not tucked in. <br /><br />So how do we solve Jenny's problem?<br /><br />Simple. All Jenny has to do is to check on several celebrity magazines and she will surely find what works best with untucked shirts. <br /><br />Basically it's okay to wear a shirt under a blazer if the latter is less fitted and more boxy. If you want a sleeker look, go for blazers with clean lines and some shape. I personally think you can get that in a slightly more boxy style. The point is that the shirt's length should not come below the blazer.<br /><br />In fact, shirts tucked in with blazers are now becoming more and more popular. Just be warned that if the shirt is not tucked in, there is too much material flopping around and it looks sloppy. <br /><br />For a more casual look, wear jeans, a cool leather belt, a tucked in shirt and a blazer. When the shirt is tucked in, the blazer can be open and the nice belt (and slim waistline) will show. It's a good look. <br /><br />At least Jenny's problem is as simple as finding a good match for her attire. Good thing she's already solved her problem with unwanted hair and perhaps she should consider buying a tria hair removal system instead of going to the salons. At least this way, she's still able to save her money and instead she could already lavish on some clothes.<br />
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