Amazon Shopping For Picnic Time

I love Amazon shopping – I really do. Once I start I can get lost all day looking for deals, bargains, unique items, whatever. Because of that I know that I must do things with my family first. Today I promised the kids that I would take them on a picnic. The old-fashioned kind, with a blanket and a basket. Sitting on the ground, relaxing and talking. Hopefully talking. I’m going to confiscate their cell phones so they can’t text their friends. And I know I am going to run into great opposition to this, but it’s something I believe I need to do. If I could get away it I would bring a small bottle of wine – but we all know that’s completely inappropriate.

The other day I went to the store and purchased a nice baguette and some real sliced meat from the deli. Not the prepackaged meat product you find in with the rest of the prepackaged stuff from the grocery store. But the real deal. It costs more, but I wanted the whole experience to be better than average. I bought lots of other little things to eat during the picnic. An Apple, some grapes, a few cookies and some of that craft soda that you can still find in the glass bottle. I bought some of the old fashion flavors like cream soda, red pop and root beer. I hope the kids appreciate it.

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