Add La Mode Buttons to your Watchband

Buttons have been, for the most part, highly underrated accessories in fashion. But times have changed and buttons do not necessarily find themselves in just shirts and blazers or come in standard shapes and sizes. With so many button sizes and styles, you can literally improvise with just about any piece of accessory that you have at home, be it chains, necklaces, rings with fabric and metal accent layers, wire wrapped bracelets. Applying a dash of your own creativity and the right tools, tips and techniques, you’ll be able to add a special touch to every style project with La Mode buttons.

What Do You Need?

How would you like to add some cool, colorful buttons to a simple ribbon and make an inexpensive watchband? If you have an hour to spare you could design your own, unique watch to match any mood, special occasion or just the outfit that you are wearing. Be sure to choose a button that compliments your ribbons and pick a strong and durable ribbon that goes well with the watch face.
You can dream up not only your customized watch bands but other projects too. La Mode buttons come in so many styles that you would never run out of choices. From classic to retro, La Mode has something to offer for everyone.

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