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A Quick Guide For If The Debt Collector Calls

Wipe our Debt

Wipe our Debt (Photo credit: Images_of_Money)

For many reasons people find themselves in the firing line of a debt recovery company. This can be a worrying time and you might feel that you cannot get your head above water and do not know where to turn. If a debt recovery contacts you, they should state who they are, who they are working on behalf of and why they are contacting you. They should speak to you in terms you understand and not try to barrage you with legal speak and confusing terms. A debt collector can only enter your home if you invite them to do so, they cannot push past you at the door and they certainly should not be using aggressive tones. They should announce what time they will be calling at your property and this should be a reasonable hour.

Debt recovery firms should always act in a professional manner and should state clearly the amount that you owe and the process they intend to take to recover the money you owe. If you are struggling to make payment then it is best not to avoid them. Often payment plans can be worked out and issues resolved a lot easier than you might expect.

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