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A Mobile Fireplace

People love to spend time outside in the late evenings. Fire adds a lot of warmth and happiness in the leisurely hour. It is costly to build an outdoor fireplace. Time also is needed to stack bricks with mortar for a permanent fire place. An easy alternative is a mobile fire bowl. A fireproof bowl can be fired with wood, natural gas, propane or clean burning gel. A free standing fire bowl, gravel ground cover and some lounge chairs are required for setting up a firepit.

A fire bowl submerged in sand can look very great in the sitting area. Any fuel can be used for this and if gas has to be used, a gas line has to be added. A minimum of six feet of clear space is necessary from the bowl for reasons of safety. While burning wood, the fire bowl requires a mesh cover. A screen is used after the lit wood has burned for some time. This screen is for stopping sparks from coming out of the bowl. The fire should not be left unattended. Water cannot be used for putting out the fire as that will result in steam and flying ashes. To ignite the fire next time will become difficult. Use of sand or cold ashes after removing the logs of wood is the way to put off the fire.

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